Vendor Terms




  • Vendor accepts the following Terms and Conditions upon receipt of purchase



  • All payments processed through PayPal will be issued daily. There is a 3% charge on all orders to maintain this system.
  • Vendors must have a PayPal account to be paid daily. If not WEEKLY payments will be issued via check to your company.
  • Women Business Chamber (Company) will pay the vendor 97% of the product or service cost, NOT included PayPal. Fees
  • There are NO FEES if a customer chooses to mail a check to the Vendor.



  • A vendor must fulfill delivery requirements unless a delay in delivery or acceptance is due to factors beyond the vendor’s or the Company’s control such as government action or failure to act, terrorist acts, strikes or other labor issues, fire, and severe weather conditions.
  • Freight terms and rates must be included in your cost of the product.



  • The Company reserves the right to make changes in specifications of the website and delivery schedules of payments due to changes in credit card processor and to adjust any changes in cost



  • The Company may, with or without cause and without prejudice to any other remedy they may have and after giving written a notice, cancel a Vendors store for not meeting expectations of the members..



  • Vendors shall indemnify and hold harmless all Women Business Chamber owned and operated entities., all their affiliates and owners, and their respective agents, officers, directors, managers, and employees from and against all claims, damages, losses and expenses including attorneys’ fees arising out of or resulting from fulfillment of a purchase order, provided that any such claims, damages, losses or expenses including attorneys’ fees are attributable to bodily injury, sickness, disease or death, injury or destruction of tangible property, interruption or loss of business, or imposition of any fine or charge by any governmental entity, and are caused in whole or in part by any negligent or intentional act or omission, or violation of a legal
  • A vendor may be required to provide specific insurance certification for onsite selling of products at events.
  • Vendor holds the Company harmless with respect to any claim or lawsuit brought against the company or any of its affiliates for alleged patent, trademark, or copyright infringement related to the products or goods in subject to a purchase
  • Vendor will defend any claim or lawsuit and will pay any damages finally awarded against the Company or any of its affiliates as a result of such claim or
  • Vendors of consumable or chemical products are required to provide evidence of insurance for $1,000,000/$5,000,000 per occurrence/aggregate.



  • The Company is not liable for any claim of any kind, for any loss, or for any damage arising out of, in connection with, or resulting from any purchase order in excess of the price allocable to the products or goods giving rise to such
  • Any action resulting from the Company’s breach as to the goods or products delivered must commence within one year after the cause has



  • All information the Company provides to the vendor is
  • Vendor may not advertise or publicize the relationship created by a purchase without the Company’s written



  • Vendor warrants that all products furnished in fulfillment of a purchase order are suitable, safe, and fit for their
  • Vendor of consumables warrants that all products furnished in fulfillment of a purchase order are fresh and suitable for human consumption (if applicable)
  • Vendor warranty runs to the Company, its successors, assigns and customers, and users of the products
  • Vendor must provide Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for products as required by
  • Vendor will comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances and will hold the Company harmless from any liability resulting from vendor’s failure to do
  • Vendor will provide proof of all required certifications and



  • A purchase order and any documents referred to on the face thereof constitute the entire agreement between the vendor and the customer.


These standard Terms and Conditions are applicable to all purchase orders/ invoices.

Other Terms and Conditions as appropriate to a specific product or transaction may be included in a separate contract document

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