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We offer a FREE membership because your VOTE is your VOICE and it matters to us! It doesn't matter if you are thinking about starting a business or already in business but need a strong financial support system; the Women Business Chamber is here to support you!

The Women Business Chamber was formed to answer a very desperate cry for help amongst women business owners that want to grow their businesses on a national scale but have limited financial resources.

The Chair of the Chamber, Ms. Weary, knows far too well how it feels to be the "outsider" in a new town with no connections. "It's hard to prove your added value in a new State when no one is willing to give you a chance, " states Ms. Weary.

Faced with several discriminating laws that she felt were unfair practices which prevented her from growing her business, she wondered, "How many other women have tried to relocate and faced these same issues?"

Armed with a POWERFUL advisory board, the Women Business Chamber was formed to focus on:

  1. Changing policies that hinder women and minority business owners from having a fair chance to compete.
  2. Create a POWERFUL network of women from all over the world so we can support one another and create change in our communities.
  3. Reinvest the membership fees back into OUR members' ideas and dreams; therefore creating successful networking events that will in exchange--create jobs!
  4. Promote and Support our Corporate Members because THEY are supporting Us!
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